Academic Service

Over the last 8 years, I have served the University and the School of Architecture in various capacities, from University-level Committees (1-5), special University committees and programs outside of the School (6-12), and committees that support the work of the School (19). As a member of the regular faculty, I am included on all ballots for elected committees within the School and University Committees requiring School of Architecture representation. My academic service commitments reflect the size and diversity of the School of Architecture Faculty, including a core group that are unable to serve from their positions in Rome. In addition to my elected and appointed positions, I am a member of ND’s National Fellowships Selection Committee; and Associate Faculty for the Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement. I am the Faculty Advisor to the Notre Dame Women’s Boxing Team (2008-present), a club sport that I started in 1996, and the Student Association for Women in Architecture (SAWA; since 2012). In that role, in 2013, I organized the public symposium, Beyond the Drafting Board: 40 Years of ND Women in Architecture, to recognize the remarkable impact of our female graduates on the profession. The symposium drew over 65 participants and some of Notre Dame’s most prominent female (architecture) graduates.

    University Committees

  1. Council on Academic Technologies (2016-2019), elected 2016
  2. Committee on Admissions, Scholarships & Financial Aid (2015-2018), elected 2013
  3. Committee on Women Faculty and Students (2016-2019), elected 2016 (also 2009-2012)
  4. Faculty Grievance Committee (2016-2019), elected
  5. Energy and Environmental Issues Committee (2015-2016), elected (also 2012-2014)
  6. Programs/ Committees

  7. Community Engagement Coordinating Council appointed by the Dean 2013
  8. ND Community Perception Study Committee (J. Caponigro) 2015
  9. National Fellowship Selection Committee (ND-CUSE) 2013-2015
  10. 2014

  11. Application Reviewer, Center for Sustainable Energy Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
  12. 2013

  13. External Review Committee for the Faculty Research Support Program Office of Research
  14. 2011

  15. External Review Committee for Interdisciplinary Research< Dept. of Biological Sciences
  16. Outside Chair, Oral Candidacy Exam; Candidate Lichun Li, Dept. of Electrical Engineering
  17. School of Architecture

  18. New Architecture Building Faculty Select Committee appointed by the Dean 2013
  19. Undergraduate Studies Committee elected (2014-2017)
  20. Environment and Sustainability appointed by the Dean 2008 (Chair, 2009-2011)
  21. Competitions, Scholarships, Fellowships appointed by the Dean 2015
  22. 2014-2015

  23. Public Lecture Committee
  24. 2010

  25. Chair Technical Curriculum Sub-Committee for Strategic Planning
  26. 2009

  27. Ad Hoc Accreditation Committee: Task Force on the Standards and Expectations of the School of Architecture
  28. Student Organizations

  29. Faculty Advisor, Student Association for Women in Architecture (since 2011)
  30. Faculty Advisor, ND Women’s Boxing Team (since 2008), Club Sport Founder, 1996
@ A Glance


Conference Chair
Beyond the Drafting Board: 40 Years of Women in Architecture ND

Member, Community Perception Study Committee (2015-2016)
Office of Public Affairs ND

Student Advising

Student Association of Women in Architecture
Faculty Advisor (since 2011)

ND Women’s Boxing
Assistant Coach and Faculty Advisor (since 2008)
(Club Founder 1996)

Capstone Thesis Advisor
Minor in Sustainability
Glynn Honors Program

Member, ND National Fellowships Selection Committee (2013-2015)
Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement